We’d like to think this is what our dogs secretly want for the holidays this year

By Alison Schwartz
Updated December 24, 2013 10:30 PM

Every year, we know we can rely on our well-meaning mothers and/or less kind-hearted frenemies to leave us a pair of socks underneath the Christmas tree. We’re not complaining. Actually, we think it’s about time our pets got in on this annual holiday tradition.

If you’ve always dreamed of watching your dog pitter-patter down the stairs in little socks come Christmas morning – or is that just us? – we’re here to help.

You’ll need: one dog (model: this editor’s beloved pup, Chloe), a pair of socks (we chose Woodrow Wear’s Power Paws socks), your pooch’s treat-of-choice and unrelenting hope.

Step 1: Present the goods

The snacks, duh! You didn’t think your dog would slip her perfect paw into a warm, fuzzy prison for your own amusement, did you?

Step 2: Present the belly rub

Once your dog has decided she will cooperate – a little bit of bacon goes a long way – reward your pooch properly … and deceptively. Your dog doesn’t know it, but this is the perfect position to …

Step 3: Secure the socks

You have exactly 16 seconds – go, go, go! “I will allow it,” your dog will say, probably because she wants more belly rubs.

Pro tip: Don’t do this

Too far.