How To Make Your Festive Dog Their Very Own Pumpkin Spice Latte

Dogs can now enjoy pumpkin spice lattes alongside their owners, thanks to this recipe from Open Farm Pet Food

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The onset of cooler weather and colorful leaves indicates that it’s officially pumpkin spice latte season — and now your dog can get in on enjoying the autumn drink.

A recipe from Open Farm Pet Food has adjusted the coffee treat, first popularized by Starbucks, to make it both safe and enjoyable for your pup.

The canine-friendly "latte" ingredients include Open Farm Kefir, pumpkin puree, ground cinnamon, and a touch of whipped cream. Plus, the assembly couldn’t be simpler — just blend the ingredients and top with the whipped cream.

The recipe does note that some of the ingredients in a classic pumpkin spice latte for humans are particularly unsafe for dogs. Nutmeg, a common inclusion in pumpkin pie spice mix, is toxic for pups, so make sure to leave it out. It is also important to check that the whipped cream you are using for your pup PSL doesn't contain xylitol, a sugar substitute that is extremely toxic to dogs.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

In addition to this signature fall beverage, the fall season means it's also time to find the perfect Halloween getup for your dog.

Dog treat company Milk-Bone has recently released its limited-edition Halloween mask and bandana sets, specially designed to enjoy the holiday while protecting animal lovers and their pets against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The bandanas are an easy way for dogs, especially those who don't love costumes, to get in the holiday spirit, while the masks allow owners to safely match their pets.

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The sets come in three styles: Skull and Crossbones, Pumpkin and Candy, and Mouse and Cheese. All three are available on Amazon for $9.99 each, and all the Halloween mask and bandana sets come with a Milk-Bone Mini Bone sample pack.

"We know dogs and their parents often love to dress in matching costumes year after year," Kelly Huyler, the senior brand manager at Milk-Bone, said in a statement. "And it just seemed fitting that this would be the first year ever that we would make a limited edition 'easy' costume for Milk-Bone fans, humans and dogs."

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