How to Keep You Dog Safe During a Grooming Session

Make sure you know what services are best for your dog's breed and personality before making an appointment

It is important to keep your pets groomed so their skin and fur stays healthy. It also important to make sure your pooch stays safe during these routine grooming sessions.

PEOPLE Pet Vet Dr. Evan Antin is here with a few tips on how to make this doggie must-do comfortable and easy for everyone, especially your pup.

The first thing to check before booking a grooming appointment is what services your dog needs based on its breed. Some dogs don’t do well with shorter cuts, while others are much more comfortable with a summer shearing. Talking to a groomer about your dog’s fur type and breed can help them figure out what services are beneficial.

Being open with your groomer about your dog’s needs is also key to making sessions stress-free for everyone. If you know your dog can become anxious around new environments, especially those that include other dogs, mobile grooming might be the best option.

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