June 29, 2012 08:30 PM

Hundreds of homes have been destroyed by the wildfires in Colorado, leaving people – and their pets – searching for somewhere safe to go.

Local organizations are banding together and opening their doors to animals displaced by the disaster. Like the Dumb Friends League of Denver, Colo., which has taken in 55 adoptable pets from along the Front Range, making room for family pets with nowhere to live. The Humane Society of Boulder Valley has taken in 50 animals, too.

Although you may feel worlds away from the tragedy, you can help with efforts there.

Your small donation would go a long way for these charities:

The Humane Society of Pikes Peak
The nonprofit animal welfare organization has set up two emergency small animal evacuations shelters in the wake of the fires. People with lost pets or found strays are encouraged to stop by the permanent shelter 610 Abbott Lane in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Larimer Humane Society
The nonprofit is coordinating the rescue of all animals in the High Park fire zone, providing owner-requested food and water to animals not evacuated, reuniting owners with lost animals and giving temporary shelter to evacuated animals.

Humane Society of Boulder Valley
They are providing temporary housing for evacuated pets and are assisting other local shelters experiencing wildfires in their areas. They don’t need supplies or volunteers but are accepting donations for other expenses.

PetAid Disaster Relief Fund
This program has provided over 120 hours of technical assistance and logistics support to the local animal response efforts in Larimer, Teller, Douglas, Boulder, and El Paso Counties and Colorado Springs. They contributed to efforts to help over 400 large animals that were housed at The Ranch and approximately 300 small animals at the Larimer Humane Society and partner veterinary clinics.

Dumb Friends League
Help them with the 55 animals in their care and fund the teams they’ve sent to Colorado Springs to help tend to animals at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region that have been displaced by the Waldo Canyon Wildfire evacuations.

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