Our favorite distraction will be gone soon! But have no fears! Here are four new cute cams to get addicted to!


Brace yourself! The Internet sensation – the Shiba Inu puppy cam – will soon be offline. After getting 15 million clicks, the puppies are growing up and going to new homes. How will you distract yourself at work now, you say? Don’t worry! Plenty more dog owners are stepping up to give you your puppy cam fix. Here are our best suggestions:

Labs: Yellow, Chocolate and Black:
Goldie, a yellow lab had a whopping 10 pups on December 2 at this South Carolina breeder. She has four girls, six boys; five black, four yellow and one chocolate. No wonder she naps so much.
Age: 2 weeks

Chihuahuas Awaiting Adoption:
Other shelters have tried to jump on the puppy cam bandwagon, but San Francisco’s Grateful Dog Rescue has the cutest: a family of Chihuahua mixes burrowing into each other and barking when workers go by.
Age: 9 weeks

Rat Terriers:
Jackie the rat terrier had 10 puppies on October 29. Now they’re at the getting into trouble and roughhousing phase. Viewers write comments like “oh my goodness, what happened in there! Fluff everywhere!”
Age : 6 weeks

This Michigan breeder has a family of roly-poly English bulldogs born Nov. 7. They wrestle to get at the water bottle.
Age: 5 weeks