March 17, 2016 04:10 PM

Irish or not, every dog deserves kisses on St. Patrick’s Day. They also deserve to safely enjoy the festive holiday. Some pups have a paw up on St. Patrick’s Day spirit,  thanks to their Irish-inspired names. 

Pet-sitting service took a poll of dog owners and their pooches to find out the role the March 17 holiday plays in their lives. Turns out there are plenty of American dogs gifted with the “Luck of the Irish” all year long. Not so surprisingly, Irish dog breeds were more likely – by 85.7% –  to have names inspired by the motherland over other breeds.

At the top of the Irish dog name list is Molly for girls and Cody for boys.

Pet owners are also moved by the Irish food and drinks they enjoy, leading to dog names like Jameson, Stew and Guinness.

But you should be careful with these treats around pets on St. Paddy’s Day itself. Carrots, cooked potatoes and peas are okay, but avoid giving dogs beer, corned beef and onions.

And it wouldn’t be a St. Patrick’s Day post if we didn’t talk about the color green. Dogs all across the globe are being named after our favorite green things, like cash, pickles and kale — just to name a few.

See a name you like on this list? Obviously you aren’t alone. Animal-loving minds tend to think alike. 

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