Seth Casteel gives adoptable pups all of these reasoning tests on the show Finding Fido
Credit: RooM/Getty

Do you ever look at your dog and wonder what’s going on inside behind that precious, fluffy visage?

We all do. Sometimes it seems like our pups can read our minds, other times you have to point to a piece of turkey on the floor, right in front of their face five times before they figure it out.

Finding Fido is here to help. The Z Living show about matching prospective pet parents with the perfect shelter pups is hosted by Seth Casteel, who has experience working with all sorts of pooch personalities as an animal photographer. Along the way, Casteel has found five tests that can help determine a specific dog’s ability to reason and get a read on their personality.

These tests are perfect for learning more about your dog’s temperament, intelligence and trainability, and are also ideal tools for animal lovers looking to adopt a pet.

Take a look at how these five simple tests you can do at home were used through the first season of Finding Fido and how you can try them with your own pet.

After you discover your dog’s Einstein levels of intelligence, don’t forget to tune-in to the season finale of Finding Fido on Z Living, airing Feb 21. at 9/8c.

The Square Trap Test

Can your dog think outside the box? This test will show how rebelliously smart your pet is.

The Reasoning Test

This treat test gives owners a quick look at how fast their pups use reason to solve problems.

Paw Preference Test

Just like humans, your dog favors one paw more than the other, which can unlock how they think.

Cognitive Test

Determine if your dog can use problem solving to find unseen prizes.

Problem-Solving Test

It’s like Three-card Monte for dogs, without the scam.