The actress's most recent rescues were both slightly older pooches

Actress Lisa Edelstein is happy to avoid the puppy stage. After the last of her five beloved rescue dogs died a year ago at the age of 18, the House star was looking to adopt again. So, wanting to forgo the messiness, chewed shoes and house-training of puppyhood, she opted to rescue two older canines instead.

“They were both about a year old when I got them, so I skipped the puppy phase,” Edelstein told during FOX’s Fall Eco-Casino Party at Boa Steakhouse in Los Angeles on Monday night. “They’re fantastic and really well-adjusted, gorgeous little boys.”

Edelstein had just one prerequisite when it came to the breed selection of her new pooches (now 2 and 3 years old, respectively). “I decided to go with the shed-less dogs just because I had five shedding animals in my house for 17 years, and felt I earned a round of not shedding,” she laughed. “One is a probably a Wheaton mixed with maybe a poodle, and the other is probably a schnauzer-poodle mix.”

Now that her house is cleaner (and less hairy!), Edelstein is content to leave her dogs at home while she logs long hours on the House set. “They don’t like dogs at work unfortunately,” Edelstein lamented, “and the dogs don’t want to be at work. They want to be at home!”