Rescuers have been called four times to help a horse stuck in the mud – but it turns out Mayflower is just short.

Let’s make one thing clear about Mayflower the horse: She may look like she’s stuck in the mud of her grazing area, but she’s just short! Rescuers have been called four times by concerned neighbors who thought the little horse was stuck in the mud of a salt marsh, the Guardian reports. Turns out Mayflower is an apparent cross between a Shetland and New Forest pony, and her legs are like stumps. At a glance it may look she’s sinking in the mud, but she’s perfectly safe.

“These calls from the public are with good intent,” said Anton Phillips, an animal rescue specialist. “When viewed at long range, this pony looks like it is trapped, particularly if it is standing still next to its mates which are twice its height.” Soon Mayflower may be able to graze in peace: the Guardian says her owner is reportedly considering putting up a sign to alert people about her small stature.