Rickman narrated this video to help raise money for Save the Children and the Refugee Council


One of the last things Alan Rickman did as a performer was lend his signature double bass voice to a hungry tortoise.

Last December, Rickman, who died of cancer on Thursday at the age of 69, narrated a short clip of this shelled-creature eating a strawberry. But the video is much more than a cute and hungry critter, it’s an example of the actor’s dedication to helping others, especially through advocacy.

Rickman contributed to the animal clip to raise money for two charities, Save the Children and the Refugee Council. All of the money generated by this (hopefully) viral video, will be donated to the causes.

“It works like this,” Rickman explains in the video. “The more views the video gets, the more advertising revenue YouTube will give us. Together, you and this tortoise can make a difference.”

So enjoy the tortoise video above, and take extra comfort in knowing you’re honoring Rickman and helping others at the same time.