The Hunt on BBC America explores the honey badger's varied diet, scorpions included

As the Internet has told us time and time again, honey badgers simply DGAF.

Their females are especially ferocious, as shown in this exclusive first look at the July 31 episode of BBC America’s The Hunt.

In the clip, a hungry lady honey badger flaunts her laissez faire attitude, with an “anything but subtle” hunting excursion through the plains of Africa. This independent woman has no problem digging fifty holes in her neighbor’s yard in broad daylight as part of her search for snacks.

Since Wheat Thins are slim out here in the wild, our huntress makes do with whatever she can claw up. Scorpions? Sure, a good burn never hurt anyone. It just makes you feel more alive.

To learn more about the outrageous hunting habits of the honey badger and other creatures, tune in to BBC America’s new episode of The Hunt on Sunday at 9/8c.