What One Woman Did for a Homeless Man's Injured Dog Will Make You 'Aww'

"I just couldn't handle the thought of her having to go without her surgery," Laurel Lainio told 7 News Adelaide

Photo: GoFundMe

Laurel Lainio lent a hand to two best friends who needed it.

The woman happened upon a dog named Rosie and her owner, a homeless man named Pat Quinn who performs music on the street, after a night out with friends, Australia’s 7 News Adelaide reports.

She found out the dog’s knee was injured and that it would cost $3,000 to fix it.

“When I saw Rosie last week,” she told the station, “I just couldn’t handle the thought of her having to go without her surgery.”

Rather than think about it, she did something about it, and created a GoFundMe page to help raise money for Rosie’s surgery.

“Just like me she has torn her anterior cruciate ligament & is in pain but Pat can’t afford to have it operated on,” Lainio wrote on the page. “He tried to get a loan & even went without food to have her looked at. But now, I’d love for you to help this man & his constant companion. Please give so that Rosie can walk comfortably again! Bless!!”

The page — which has raised over $1,000 — would prompt a veterinarian to offer his services to help, and thus began Lainio’s search for Quinn to tell him about the amazing gift.

She tracked him down and it’s clear he is happy with the outcome. “I’m just blown away,” he told 7 News. “I can’t believe it.”

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The surgery on Tuesday was a success, the GoFundMe page says, and Rosie is currently on the mend.

“The amazing Veronica Wah Day from Pets & Their People at Fulham Gardens did an amazing job!” says an update. “Hopefully recovery won’t take too long & she’ll be chasing possums up trees in no time!”

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