August 15, 2012 07:30 PM

There’s a picture-perfect couple!

Holly Madison holds on tight to one of her two ferrets in a new photo shoot, happily cradling the little furball in her arms.

“My ferrets are some of the best pets I’ve ever had,” she tells PEOPLE. “They are sweet, playful and surprising!”

Since bringing the pair – a boy and a girl – home, Madison has had her fair share of fun with the duo, including discovering some of their quirkier preferences.

“My girl dog [Josephine] will grab the ferret by the tail and drag it across the floor,” she said last year. “I thought it was hurting him, but he goes back for more. He loves it. He’s like a mop on the floor.”

But while the ferrets can mostly fend for themselves, there is one instance of their care Madison admits is not the easiest.

“You have to be prepared to clean their litter box every day,” she said, “because their pee stinks.”

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