December 15, 2009 10:37 PM

Last week, we introduced you to Edie, an adorable New York City hamster who willingly poses for photos shot by her mom, Victoria Belanger. Her subway trek now complete, Edie’s gearing up for the holidays in sweet homemaker style.

Each year, Belanger shoots her hamsters – she’s had three in recent years – for a festive Christmas card, posing them next to a Jell-O mold (the Brooklyn, N.Y., resident runs a Jell-O mold blog on the side). So this year, it was 6-month-old Edie’s turn for a big holiday moment. How did Belanger capture this perfect shot? It wasn’t easy!

“Edie devoured half of one Jell-O mold,” Belanger admits to “I have a set of tiny, individual-sized molds that just happen to be hamster size, so I made a couple of little Jell-Os for the shoot.” After Edie finished her ill-timed snack, Belanger swapped in a different Jell-O mold and got her perfect picture.

As for the set, Belanger used a photograph mounted to a board to create the background. She then made a tiny table from foam, and added in some miniatures – like the coffee maker – as final touches. The cards are already in the mail – will you be lucky enough to receive one?

Tell us, will your pet be featured on your holiday card? Explain below!

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