February 10, 2017 04:15 PM

A group of caring high schoolers is helping a dog in need of life-saving surgery.

Lucy, a pup who was rescued from a backyard breeder in June, is suffering from Primary Renal Hematuria, which causes blood to appear in her urine.

“If she could talk she’d probably say, ‘Hey, I’m in pain,’ ” Candie Cuneo, the woman who adopted Lucy three weeks ago, tells KTNV, which reported the story.

Heidi Williams, a volunteer for Streetdogz rescue in Nevada, created a fundraising page to help cover the cost of the expensive surgery the pup needs, and more than $2,300 of a $5,200 goal has been raised.

The Pet Club at Nevada’s Durango High School wanted to help, too. Williams tells PEOPLE in an email that the students have sold hats, made and sold buttons and sold ice cream to raise funds for Lucy’s surgery.

“The Durango Pet Club volunteered their time to Streetdogz and picked Lucy to sponsor,” says Williams, who rescued the pup when she was “being given away on a garage sale Facebook site.”

Clearly, the sweet pooch makes an impact wherever she goes. “The thing that attracts me so much to her is she’s such a lover,” Nick Smith, a member of the Pet Club, told KTNV. “I barely know her and she always jumps up on me and licks my face off.”

“Lucy is thriving in her new home, her new mom Candie is a nurse and completely understands her disease and special needs,” Williams tells PEOPLE. “Her ear infections are gone, her skin is looking better and her allergies are under control. We need this life-saving surgery to happen sooner than later.”

To donate funds to pay for Lucy’s surgery, click here.

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