"For the past 8 years, life's pains were lightened by this blessed pup of mine," the HGTV star said in her tribute

Nicole Curtis
Credit: Nicole Curtis/ Instagram

Nicole Curtis is mourning the death of her dog Lucy.

On Tuesday, the 44-year-old HGTV star — who will host a Rehab Addict spin-off titled Rehab Addict Rescue next year— revealed that her beloved canine companion died in a lengthy and emotional Instagram post.

"My dog, Lucy, is gone," Curtis began her post. "The tears haven’t stopped, the heartache so bad that I’ve sat in my house just screaming her name out."

Without sharing how her pet died, the reality star then noted that her neighbor carried her dog to her door the day prior, before they laid the pet down beside Curtis, who cradled her pet in her arms.

"I didn’t birth this sweet girl, but, at times, I felt I had," Curtis continued. "From the moment I brought her home, she slept curled into my belly, she spent 9 [months] curled against my pregnant belly, she then guarded my baby like he was her own."

Curtis then added that "everyone had a Lucy story" before she described the Brussels Griffon mix in detail, writing that she would "walk airports like the Queen," and "loved to be on camera," among other details.

"My dear friends dug a hole, made her a casket as I just held her tight in her fav spot in the sun on the porch," she said. "As the day started to fade, my best friend held me tight & said it’s time, my friend laid close and held me as I held my dear sweet baby & I sobbed & just took every last breath of her that I could."

"For the past 8 years, life’s pains were lightened by this blessed pup of mine," she added, noting that she hasn't had the strength to admit that Lucy is gone.

"Fly high my Lucy goosey ...❤️," she concluded the post, also thanking her friends and family who waited out the time with her.

Speaking with Dogster back in 2016, Curtis shared that she felt an urge to adopt a dog years after her household had been down to one dog following the death of her previous canine Polly.

When she volunteered to hold a then 6-month-old Lucy while attending a charity auction for Secondhand Hounds, Curtis described the meeting as a match that was made to be.

"She was just so cuddly, and I had gone through almost a year without Polly, so I sat with her for about an hour," she told the publication. "I kept telling myself, 'I’m not getting another dog. I don’t need another dog, I don’t want another dog.' And then after an hour of sitting with her, I was like, this is my new dog."

She added: "Needless to say, when bidding started my paddle stayed up until she was mine to keep forever."