March 15, 2011 08:00 PM

When you’re a seal whose belly gets full by people throwing fish at you, you learn very quickly how to stand out. Charlie the seal has made a name for himself by waving at visitors who come to Howth Harbor in Ireland, where he beckons them to throw him fish, which they purchase by the bucketful nearby.

“He seems to have learned how to do this by imitating people,” photographer Paul Hughes told the Daily Mail. “People love it – it gets him noticed and they wave back at him. And at the end of the day he gets to gobble up more fish than the other seals.”

He may be a star attraction to people there, but Charlie’s buddies are sick of his cheap tricks.

“Sometimes they get quite jealous of his catch and will give him a little bite on the head,” Hughes added. “But he can just carry on waving without a care in the world.”

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