New Jersey State Police
October 25, 2016 02:01 PM

Trooper Dwayne Phillips did a solid for a displaced deer on Friday.

When the New Jersey police officer was dispatched to a home in Warren County where a deer was drowning in a swimming pool, he leaped into action.

“It was clear that the buck had been struggling for quite some time,” said a Facebook post shared by the New Jersey State Police. “Now believe it or not, we don’t necessarily teach recruits in the academy how to rescue drowning deer, but we do teach them how to think on their feet and adapt and improvise when a peculiar situation presents itself.”

That’s exactly what Phillips did — and that quick thinking may have saved the animal’s life.

“He grabbed the buck by its rack and pulled him from the water to safety!” said the post. “Now, there is always the possibility of serious injury or worse when trying to rescue a drowning victim and even more so when the victim is a wild animal. But this trooper did an outstanding job!”

The proud police department said the buck — who was wiped from swimming — didn’t stick around for thank-yous; he eventually recovered and ran off. “He was so exhausted that he hunkered down on the ground for some time before he could regain enough energy to even stand,” the message said. “Great job troop! #Attaboy”

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