The fire reportedly caused $750,000 in damages, destroying most of the Hansen family's material possessions

By Kelli Bender
November 09, 2018 04:58 PM
Credit: GoFundMe

The Hansens of Industrial Township, Minnesota, were left with $750,000 in damages after a fire destroyed their home. But everything lost is replaceable thanks to Milo.

According to KBJR, the family dog woke Carrie Hansen and her husband Dave up in the middle of the night on Sunday. Even after the couple tried to shoo the canine out of the room, Milo persisted in bothering them.

Eventually, Carrie woke up enough to realize the room was filled with smoke. Once out of bed, she followed Milo, who led her to the garage.

“He ran to the garage, she followed him and it was solid smoke in there,” Dave told the station of the fire’s source.

After attempting to put the fire out themselves, it became clear to the Hansens that the blaze was only getting bigger.

The Hansens left the home with Milo and watched helplessly as the roof caught fire and collapsed, destroying almost all of the family’s material possessions in the process.

Now the family, grateful to be alive, is focusing on rebuilding. The house is uninsured because the Hansens where still building parts of the three-year-old residence, leaving the family responsible for the damages, reports Duluth News Tribune. Among the numerous objects lost in the fire were all of Dave’s tools, which he depends on for his job as a mechanic and woodworker.

In an effort to raise the money the family needs to start over, Adrieona, one of Dave and Carrie’s two children, has started a GoFundMe page.

Dave believes a piece of equipment in the garage is responsible for the fire, but instead of fixating on the cause, he is looking toward the future.

“Everything else can be put back together,” he said, expressing his gratitude toward Milo for saving the parts of his life that are irreplaceable.