Hero Dog Leads Sanitation Worker to Their Fallen 88-Year-Old Owner in Need of Emergency Help

Sandy, a rescue dog from Glendale, Calif., saved their 88-year-old owner from a fall

dog saves owner
Gwendola Johnson and her dog Sandy. Photo: NBCLA

Gwendola Johnson is feeling eternally grateful after her dog Sandy played a crucial role in coming to her rescue.

On July 10, Johnson, 88, walked out the front door of her Glendale, Calif. home, and tripped. She fell to the ground, unable to get up and call for help.

"I didn't really hurt myself, but I couldn't get up," Johnson told NBC Los Angeles.

As Johnson laid on the floor, she was able to spot a man, Kirk White of Glendale Integrated Waste Management, walking up her driveway pulling in her trash cans.

And that's when Sandy came to the rescue.

"When I saw him, I said to Sandy, 'You go get him,' so he did," Johnson said.

Security footage from Johnson's home showed that Sandy quickly rushed towards White and began barking at him, indicating to White that something was wrong.

"The way he was barking, like, 'I have something to show you — come follow me this way, there's something I want you to see,' " White told NBC Los Angeles.

Sandy then led White right back to Johnson. White helped her up and made sure that she was not injured.

"Sandy was a good boy, and Kurt came up the driveway right about the right time," Johnson said.

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Cheryl Malvar, Johnson's granddaughter, told local news station KTLA 5 that their family "all cried" when they watched the video of Sandy saving Johnson.

"Sandy did a good job," Malvar said.

Malvar also praised White for helping her grandmother. "Kirk actually made an effort. Not everybody does. He investigated and he was aware enough to know it was off."

“We love him," she added. "He’ll always have friends here."

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