Hero Dog Who Saved Over 80 Canines by Donating Blood Retires: 'He's Done a Wonderful Job'

Arnie the English springer spaniel is retiring from donating blood after reaching the Pet Blood Bank's age limit, but his owner hopes the dog inspires other pups to become blood donors

blood donating dog
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A hero spaniel who has donated 21 pints of blood is retiring after helping to save the lives of more than 80 other dogs.

English springer spaniel Arnie, 9, started donating blood to Pet Blood Bank in 2015 but has stopped making contributions after reaching the age limit for donors.

Canine lifesavers donating to Pet Blood Bank must be fit and healthy, between one and eight, and weigh over 55 pounds. Dog blood donors also must refrain from international travel.

A bit larger than the standard English springer spaniel, Arnie started donating after owner Rachel McFarlane, 36, read an appeal for more canine blood donors to help save dogs. Each pint donated has the potential to save four dogs' lives, meaning Arnie has helped around 84 other pups.

blood donating dog

McFarlane, a dog groomer from Falkirk, Scotland, told SWNS that Arnie didn't start donating until he was nearly three and that she would have signed him up sooner if she had known about the service.

"It's amazing the number of people who have never even heard of dogs donating blood," McFarlane said.

"I don't think a lot of people know about it — until you are in the situation, it's maybe not something you think about," she added.

blood donating dog
Rachel McFarlane / SWNS

The pet parent, who also has a 15-year-old border terrier named Finlay, used to take Arnie to a local vet to donate blood.

"The nurses distract Arnie with lots of gravy bones and treats, and I have been able to go in with him," McFarlane said of the blood donation process. "He is always fine when he is getting it done and loves having everyone fuss over him."

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Arnie got a goodie bag for each of his donations and was treated to a basket of his favorite treats and toys when he retired.

"It's an easy process and not stressful at all, and all owners of bigger breeds should definitely look into donating as they need to get it from somewhere," McFarlane said. "Arnie isn't the cleverest of spaniels, but he has certainly done a wonderful job over the years — he's a good boy."

Pet owners who think their dog might make a good canine blood donor should speak to their vet about the process and whether their dog is a fit.

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