Olivia and Meredith are fickle about which members of Swift's squad they warm up to
Credit: Taylor Swift/Instagram

We all know cats are fickle, and Taylor Swift’s felines are no exception.

While their owner is best friends with half of Hollywood, Olivia and Meredith, the first cats of pop, are a little more discerning about who they cuddle up to.

Only select members of Swift’s squad get quality time with these kitties, but when you are graced with their presence it’s almost better than riding down a giant inflatable slide on the Fourth of July.

Here are some of the chosen ones among Swift’s posse of models, actors, singers and siblings, who have received the coveted paw of approval from Olivia or Meredith.

Cara Delevingne

The model and Suicide Squad star relished a few brief moments with Swift’s youngest before the cat rudely exited the selfie snuggle session.

Ed Sheeran

Meredith and Taylor’s touring buddy took part in a man v. feline staring contest.

Martha Hunt

Martha and Meredith go so close recently, there was almost some bad blood between Swift and her kitty.

Olivia and Gigi get along like two girls at the best slumber party ever.

Mariska Hargitay

Of course Olivia showed nothing but the utmost respect when she met her namesake, Detective Olivia Benson.

Austin Kingsley Swift

These kitties know their kin. Olivia bestowed the highest honor upon Swift’s brother: allowance of a nose boop.