The Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre is giving round-the-clock care and cuddles to the orphaned babies

By Amy Jamieson
November 22, 2016 01:50 PM

The Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre has officially deemed itself “bat s**t crazy” on Facebook.

That’s because it’s caring for approximately 300 orphaned bats, so many that a vehicle used to transport the animals was overflowing with the little animals, according to a post on Facebook.

“HELP PLEASE — we’re up to 300 orphans!!” the post reads. “This is the raw, break it to you reality, the cute and fuzzy about bats is a known fact and is therefore secondary at this clinic. Our primary concern is for the bats and we’ve now set up a DONATE button on our page. Any help is appreciated.”

Why there are so many baby bats without mothers is still a mystery to the center that is based in Queensland, Australia, and aims to give medical care to all species of sick, injured, and orphaned bats.

“Blankets are draped loosely over the top, bit like mum’s wing,” said one message. “Pups abandoned in camps … there is no definitive answer as to why but [this is a] possible starvation event.”

The center wrote that it’s birthing season for black flying foxes and grey headed flying foxes, and breeding season for little red flying foxes, which are all native to Australia. On Monday, an update said rescuers were doing their best to keep up with the never-ending bottle feedings.

“Around the clock care for 300 orphans is hard work but rewarding when all are settled in, well fed, individually cuddled and cleaned by a production line of willing helpers,” the post said. “We still have months of care to provide these little darlings and still need volunteers, so keep sharing our posts and help us continue raising awareness of our flying foxes and their importance to the environment of being the only long distance pollinators of our native forests.”

To donate to their rescue efforts, click here.