January 12, 2016 08:53 PM

“Got your nose” jokes tend to end up being more terrifying than funny, doubly so when they’re being played by a python. 

Chinese tourist Jin Jing, 29, thought it would be cute to give a reticulated python a peck on the cheek at a Phuket, Thailand,snake show on Saturday. The snake thought it would be cute to promptly try to bite her nose off. 

In the video, onlookers and the snake wranglers alike can be heard screaming in horror as Jing desperately tries to remove the reptile from her snout. 

According to The Phuket News, Jing was transported to Phuket International Hospital but was released shortly thereafter, leaving with a few stitches and one terrifying story. 

Being a show snake, the troublesome little guy did not have any poisonous venom, but it clearly has maintained a rambunctious attitude. 

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