May 24, 2016 06:00 PM

Tuesday is the worst of all the days.

Monday gets a bad rap, with its specter casting a dark shade over Sunday e’ening as it does, but I’ll tell you all the dark truth: Mondays aren’t that bad.

No one actually expects you to do anything on Monday other than clear out your inbox and gripe. You might start approaching some actual work by Monday afternoon, but ugh, then you’re just so tired and plus it’ll be Tuesday soon.

Which is why Tuesday is the worst —it’s when actual work must begin.

So you’ve probably been doing quite a lot of work today, which is regrettable, so you know, here’s Morris the bulldog being a cowboy.

He’s a very good boy, isn’t he?

Yeah, we thought you’d agree.

Anyway, tomorrow’s Wednesday, and that means you’re almost through this mess we call a “work week.”


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