May 19, 2015 08:15 PM

ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment NewsHere’s the story of a cat named Henry, who is bringing up six very lovely kittens.

Jan, Marcia, Cindy, Greg, Peter and Bobby have been adopted by an 8-month-old male cat in the southeast Alaska community of Ketchikan, the Associated Press reports.

The babies, who are all named for characters on the 1970s TV show The Brady Bunch, were abandoned in a cardboard box and left on a road on Prince of Wales Island. They’re currently being cared for by Heather Muench, a volunteer with the Ketchikan Humane Society, and Henry, a male cat she and her husband adopted.

Although the cat has a slight neurological disorder that affects his coordination, it hasn’t affected his ability to love – he licks the kittens for hours.

“He is very, very sweet and gentle, and he has taken a shine to these kittens,” Muench said.

When Muench took the little ones to work with her one day, in order to keep up with their constant care, Henry was none-too-pleased when she returned.

“I couldn’t get them out of the crate fast enough to satisfy him,” she said. “But he was very, very happy to have them back.”

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Muench believes Henry’s special attention will help this bunch in the long run. “It’s kind of unusual for a male cat to decide take on the role of mother,” she said. “But he’s doing a fabulous job, and he’s probably increasing their chances of survival.”

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