Kal couldn't contain his excitement at this classic Star Wars theme

Even Superman celebrates Star Wars Day!

Henry Cavill‘s adorable pooch, Kal, was completely in the spirit of “May the Fourth Be with You” as the actor showed his fans Thursday on Instagram, when his dog jumped around to “Battle of the Heroes” from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

“Jedi Training,” Cavill, 33, wrote. “#Kal #MayThe4thBeWithYou.”

Cavill has called Kal his “traveling bear” on Instagram as his social media feed has become full of cute photos featuring his new best friend.

“These past few days have been very busy with travel to new destinations for my next job. What seemed like an impossible task was made into less of a mission by my constant companion. #TheTravelingBear #MI6 #Kal,” wrote the actor in early April, sharing photos of Kal laying in the aisle of a plane and smiling from the tarmac.

While Star Wars seems to motivate Kal, he must motivate Cavill as the actor preps for The Durrell Challenge 2017, a 13k road race held in Jersey, Channel Islands on May 14th benefiting the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust that helps save animals from extinction.