So far four of Frito's six siblings have been located by Texas Humane Heroes

It’s going to be the furriest family reunion ever!

Frito the rescue pup and his owner Corie Gemmiti of Leander, Texas, are searching for the dog’s six siblings, so they can arrange a puppy playdate for the group.

Frito’s current family consist of Corie, her husband Nik and their other rescue dog named Fray.

“He makes our tiny family feel more complete. His funny, spunky personality has brought a lot of laughs and love to our lives. Frito has also brought out the playfulness side in our 5-year-old dog Fray. He has a personality like no other and can get away with anything just by giving you a sweet look with his puppy eyes,” Gemmiti told PEOPLE.

Now, the loving pet parent is working on completing Frito’s canine family. Gemmiti got the idea after looking through old photos and coming across a shot of Frito and his siblings given to her by the litter’s foster mom.

Credit: Courtesy Sandy Amen

“I was recently going through my photos again and wondered what his siblings all looked like now and what their personalities were like and if they’d remember each other if they saw each other after almost a year and a half,” Gemmiti said.

The search started with a visit to Texas Humane Heroes, the shelter that adopted out Frito and his six siblings.

“Then went to social media hoping someone would see my post. I never in a million years thought the story would get as big as it has and reach as many people as it has,” the dog mom added.

Thanks to the spread of the story, Gemmiti has been able to locate four of Frito’s family members so far.

Now that a majority of the family is accounted for, plans for the puppy playdate have begun. All of the available pups will reunite at Texas Humane Heroes on Feb. 18 for lots of photos, cuddles and a little bit of wrestling.

If you know someone who adopted one of Frito’s relatives, please reach out to the Texas Humane Heroes!