Germany’s new animal star might have psychic powers of her own

By People Staff
February 24, 2011 10:19 PM

Heidi the Cross-Eyed Possum may soon overtake the legend of Paul the Psychic Octopus. She made two special appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week (via her residence at Germany’s Leipzig Zoo), first to call the winner of the Best Actress award (she chose Natalie Portman, matching popular opinion), and last night to make her Best Actor winner prediction.

“The way it’s going to work is this. Whichever statuette Heidi touches with her paw first will be the winner – presuming she ever leaves the box,” show host Kimmel said at the start of the Best Actor prediction ceremony. “She’s very deliberate in her approach. You can tell she takes this very seriously.”

Heidi went toward the five gold statuettes in her pen, each of them adorned with a cross-eyed photo of the nominees, and started sniffing vigorously around them.

During her examination, Kimmel said, “A lot of people ask me: What is the point of having a cross-eyed possum make Oscar picks? I don’t know, what’s the point of being alive?”

There was no need for an existential crisis last night. Heidi made her pick. Her call? Colin Firth, star of The King’s Speech. Will Portman and Firth walk home with another prize to add to the mantle? Will Heidi be crowned the new best prognosticating animal in the world? We’ll know by Sunday, when we’ll be checking the winners of the 83rd annual Academy Awards against our possum scorecard.

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