By Kelli Bender
Updated September 12, 2016 04:54 PM
Sad Puppy Dog Eyes
Credit: Getty

A malfunction at a pet daycare and boarding facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, led to the death of 14 dogs.

According to Reuters, a mechanical failure in a rooftop heating unit at Playful Paws caused heat to continuously pump into an upstairs room at the kennel, resulting in the deaths.

The facility is devastated by the accident, posting on the Playful Paws Facebook page on Saturday that the incident was a “travesty of life.” The kennel also wrote that its staff was reaching out to the deceased dogs’ owners and that Playful Paws could not “express enough of our sympathy to the families of these dogs.”

“We love our dogs and each of our team is trying to personally cope with this terrible loss,” Playful Paws wrote in the same post.

The kennel did not say how long the heat was running before the mechanical failure was detected. Law enforcement does not plan to get involved in the tragic incident.

Playful Paws wasn’t immediately available for comment