The puppy wasn't born with his famous spot, the heart mark didn't appear until Wiley was 6 weeks old.

By Jamie Spain
May 09, 2018 05:48 PM

Instagram stars come in all shapes and sizes, and this one is a polka dot pup with a heart-shaped black spot on his nose.

Wiley is a 12-week-old dalmatian who resides in Denver, Colorado. The cuteness has already secured him 30.2 thousand followers on his Instagram account, @hi.wiley.

But Wiley didn’t always have a heart-shaped spot on his nose, and it wasn’t the deciding factor in getting him, his owner Lexi Smith says. “He was around 6 weeks old when I first saw [the spot]. I had committed to a puppy from his litter before any of them had spots. I got first pick of the litter, but I chose him because of his personality more than anything else.”


The spotted pup lives up to some aspects of his breed’s character, but also has personality that is playful and happy.

“Wiley definitely holds true to the dalmatian reputation of being stubborn with a strong personality, but he is so sweet and such a lover,” Smith says.


Wiley apparently also has a cuddly streak. “I wanted a snuggle bug, and that’s exactly what I got! He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.”


Figuring out the pooch’s name was difficult, his owner confesses to PEOPLE. After searching through lists and lists of names, she found the perfect one when visiting her parents in Greeley, Colorado. They stopped at a brewery called Wiley where one of the beers was called the “Black and White.” It was suddenly became clear to Smith that she found the perfect name.

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As for the future, the pup and his owner plan to fill their days with good times, which they will post to Wiley’s Instagram account. Smith says, “[I want] to have fun together and continue to let him be a puppy. We are just going to keep enjoying life and hopefully bring more smiles to peoples’ faces.”

Check out Wiley’s heart-shaped spot that everyone is in love with on his regularly updated Instagram account.