HBO Max Has a New Show That's All About Falling in Love with the Perfect Rescue Dog

HBO Max's The Dog House: UK follows previously rejected rescue dogs looking to find the perfect forever families

You are getting a chance to pick your new best friend when you adopt a pet, and HBO Max wants to take you behind the scenes of this special process.

The streaming service just announced a new unscripted show The Dog House: UK, which "captures the joy and complexity of the human-dog 'dating' experience," according to a release from HBO.

The Dog House: UK will transport rescuers to Wood Green in rural Britain. This animal rescue center, among other things, is dedicated to taking in previously rejected rescue dogs and finding them the perfect human companion. Each episode will follow the stories of different rescue pups from their tearful and often tragic beginnings to their happy endings with forever families that often have amazing stories of their own.

As the trailer for this new series shows, the staff at Wood Green is incredibly dedicated to the matchmaking aspect of their jobs and will go out of their way to make the first date between a rescue dog and a potential pet parent as perfect as possible.

Be prepared to laugh, bark, howl, and probably cry a bit too.

The Dog House: UK premieres on HBO Max on Thursday, July 23. This heartwarming, unscripted series is just part of the new, original content that HBO Max is rolling out in the near future. The streaming service has also made headlines for their upcoming documentary about New Jersey's infamous Action Park and a Batman TV series about the Gotham City Police.

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