Photographer Captures 'Magic Moment' Between Dancing Whale and Dolphin on Video in Hawaii

Photographer Jacob VanderVelde filmed a humpback whale and dolphin playing and dancing through the waters around Oahu with his drone

A photographer captured a beautiful dance between two wild animals through the surf of Hawaii.

According to Hawaii News Now, in early February, photographer Jacob VanderVelde visited Oahu's North Shore to capture photos and videos of his stunning surroundings.

During the session, VanderVelde spotted water spouting out of a whale's blowhole in the ocean about 200 yards from the shore, per KAKE. Hoping to catch some up-close footage of humpback whales in the water, VanderVelde sent out one of his video drones to the spot where he saw the water spout.

Once VanderVelde flew the drone out, he was blown away by what he saw through the device's camera. Out in the ocean, a humpback whale and dolphin were swimming together. The photographer filmed the interaction on his drone and captured the marine mammals dancing together through the water, with the dolphin spiraling around the whale while the larger creature elegantly spins in the surf.

Whale and dolphin friends

"On a scale of one to 10, it would be a 12," VanderVelde told Hawaii News Now about the footage he filmed. "It's a magic moment, I will never forget what just happened."

As a Hawaii-based photographer, VanderVelde is used to capturing beautiful photos and clips, but he said the interaction he filmed between the humpback whale and dolphin is something special.

"I'm a Hawaii photographer, and that's what I do is I ride waves, I shoot waves, everything around the ocean is waves, so when this happened, it probably was the biggest moment of my life," the photographer shared.

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