Hard Rocker Joan Jett Attends Ferret Homecoming Party

Joan Jett helps her pal Rosemarie Maracich welcome her ferret home after a misadventure at a local animal shelter.

Rock star Joan Jett was on hand to welcome Ollie her pal’s ferret back home after a misadventure in which he escaped from a pet-sitter’s apartment and wound up getting adopted from a shelter. The ferret’s owner Rosemarie Maracich lives in Connecticut and is a music industry insider and a friend of Jett, who is a vegetarian and animal lover.

The caper began when Ollie somehow got out of a petsitter’s home on February 23 and the sitter posted flyers for the missing animal. The fast-moving ferret made his way to the Freeport Animal Shelter and was adopted by shelter volunteer Ashley Ferrara, 18, who renamed him Juan. Maracich later launched an online protest against the shelter when she discovered that Ferrara had adopted him and refused to give him back. Eventually, Ferrera relented on the condition the campaign against the shelter stop, and cried as she handed the ferret over, Newsday reported.


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