All 2018 the rescue team's saved animals are named after breakfast foods. Marmalade is the first rescue seal, joining 30 rescue turtles, including Waffle and Hashbrown

By Saryn Chorney
April 09, 2018 02:44 PM

Gitchi gitchi ya ya da da! He’s not a lady, but sweet Marmalade the young Harbor Seal is making waves after a fortunate rescue mission by the National Aquarium Animal Rescue team.

The juvenile seal was rescued in Ocean City, Maryland, about two weeks ago, and admitted for immediate medical care and long-term rehabilitation at the Animal Care and Rescue Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

Although healthy seals will often rest along beaches as they make their way south, sick or struggling ones often do too, and our little man Marmalade was one of them. Displaying labored breathing, lacerations on his body and pneumonia, as well as the contagious and uncomfortable ‘seal pox’ on his left front flipper, Marmalade was in critical condition when the National Aquarium Animal Rescue team found him.

Sean Lo/National Aquarium

The Animal Rescue staff and the aquarium’s team of veterinarians quickly devised a treatment plan for the sickly seal. He immediately received IV fluids and will also undergo bloodwork.

He is still currently being treated for pneumonia and a parasite infection, but this slick swimmer is on the mend. After a few days in the rehab center, Marmalade began to eat on his own again, munching over six pounds of fish on a daily basis. Pretty good for a growing boy.

Theresa Keil/National Aquarium

In a Facebook post, the National Aquarium writes “After two weeks in rehabilitation, we are happy to report that Marmalade is doing well! His caloric intake is rising, his wounds are healing and our team now aims to treat his parasitic infections.”

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As Marmalade’s condition continues to stabilize, his caloric intake and activity levels have both increased — a very good sign.

Sean Lo/National Aquarium

Although the young harbor seal’s official release date is still yet-to-be-determined, his prognosis looks good. A rep for the National Aquarium says, “Marmalade will continue to receive care from our expert team and will be thoroughly reviewed for release back to the ocean when his health has rebounded.”

Get well soon, young Laddie Marmalade!