Happy Sunday: Here's a Capybara Playing with Two Puppies

JoeJoe the capybara has the most well-cultivated social media presence of any aquatic rodent we've ever seen

Considering capybaras are essentially giant rats, they’re actually pretty cute. Maybe it’s the unparalleled authority that comes from being the world’s largest rodents, but they seem like wise old men.

Case in point: Take this video, in which JoeJoe the capybara good-naturedly tolerates two husky puppies who are equal parts adorable and demanding.

JoeJoe – who’s quite the tech-savvy giant rodent: You can keep up with him on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and Facebook – has mastered the art of puppy tolerance. Even as one of them seems fairly intent on gnawing his face, JoeJoe remains serene and loving with the practiced air of a longtime puppy wrangler.

His go-to move? Laying his large head on top of one of the puppies to calm the ball o’ fluff down.

Learn from the master.

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