October 31, 2016 10:23 AM

British people apparently don’t understand vampires.

Dogs Trust Brigend has an adorable 7-year-old Lhasa Apso named Milo in its care, and the little guy has become quite popular across the internet for his protruding lower set of fangs.

Dogs Trust seems to think this makes him a vampire.

That is emphatically incorrect. Your classic vampire typically has extended eye teeth (or canines), which extend downwards from the upper jaw, as to better facilitate biting.

Werewolves, on the other hand, have pronounced upper AND lower canines, though cinema’s most famous werewolf, Lon Chaney Jr. in The Wolf Man, was characterized by his significant underbite.

Angela Wetherall, Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre Manager for Bridgend, says: “We are amazed by how much Milo’s teeth resemble vampire fangs – they have certainly become a topic of conversation with staff and visitors! He may bear an uncanny resemblance to Count Dracula but he is no bloodhound!”

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As noted, Milo does not actually bear an uncanny resemblance to Count Dracula. (See headline.)

“Milo is missing his home comforts and is looking for a fairly quiet home. He could live with other animals or children over the age of 14 who will give him time on his own when he needs it.”

Dogs Trust Brigend can be reached at the U.K. number (0300) 303-0292. If you’d like to adopt Milo, please call them. (Don’t mention the werewolf/vampire thing, though. I’ve already reached out.)

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