July 10, 2009 02:32 PM

When panda twins Ping Ping, a girl, and An An, a boy, have a birthday party, the whole town is invited! The adorable baby pandas celebrated their first birthday at the Bifengxia panda-breeding base in Ya’an City, China, this week and more than 100 schoolkids and their parents cheered as the pair gobbled up a cake reportedly made of ice, bamboo, apples and carrots (or at least that’s what we can make out from a press release translated from Chinese). To celebrate their big day, party-goers also sang a birthday song to the pandas and wrote messages on a card – how sweet!

The twins were something of a small miracle when they were born a year ago. While their mother, Guo Guo, was pregnant with Ping Ping and An An, she had to be moved from the Panda center in Wolong to the Bifengxia panda center after the nation’s horrific May 2008 earthquake. The twins were the first to be born after the quake. Now that’s something to celebrate!

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