Happy Ending Afterall: Blind Cat Nurses Orphaned Kittens

A sightless cat comes to the aid of two orphaned kittens and is later rewarded with a forever home.

She may not have been able to see the two orphan kittens, but a blind cat named Cougar heard their cries and knew that they needed some love. A stray, who had only one eye when she was rescued by Lane County Animal Services in Oregon and recently had to have her other eye removed, Cougar has become the mother of two 2-week-old orphaned kittens.

The cat had been pregnant before her eye surgery, but doctors decided that with all the stress she was under it was better to abort her babies. So, when Cougar met the two motherless kittens at a Petsmart in Eugene, Oregon, she knew exactly what to do and stepped right in to help them. “Every time the babies started crying, she seemed to be interested,” Lisa Wahl, a volunteer, told The Register-Guard. “She seemed to want to come and visit with them.”

Julie McDonnell, founder and director of West Coast Dog & Cat Rescue, tells PEOPLE Pets that Cougar, who was apparently named for her fighting spirit, is still nursing the orphans and is happy to report that Cougar has found a forever with family in Eugene via Petfinder.com. She will continue to nurse them for four more weeks.

The kittens, Agatha and Cuthbert, are still in need of homes. If you’re interested in adopting them contact the West Coast Dog & Cat Rescue.

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