Swift’s first cat, Meredith Grey, was not available for comment

By Alison Schwartz
Updated June 18, 2015 09:05 PM

Long, meaningful sigh. Time sure flies when you’re selling a bunch of albums, redefining squad goals for 34 million-plus Instagram followers and basically just making everyone’s life better on a daily basis.

That’s right: It’s been exactly one year since Taylor Swift introduced the world to Olivia Benson. We’ll give you a moment to process that – it was 365 days, 525,949 minutes, a zillion crop-tops ago.

Today and all other days, we’re celebrating Olivia and her very big year, from a music video cameo to a dreamy Diet Coke commercial to a meeting with Mariska Hargitay, her TV namesake. (Swift’s first cat, Meredith Grey, was not available for comment.)

That time she looked like a baby polar bear instead of a fluffy kitten.

That time she was better than coffee.

That time she tried to befriend Meredith, and Meredith was all, ‘Okay, maybe.’

That time she gave us a cryptic clue about her mom’s new music.

That time she understood exactly how we feel about sleeping.

That time she was like, ‘My name is Olivia Benson and I am a professional model.’

That time she just wanted to help.

That time she decided Meredith was squad.

That time she yawned, and we actually couldn’t handle it.

That time she was all about the snacks.

That time she told the world, ‘I shouldn’t have to apologize for being so glamorous.’

That time she was an athlete.

That time she was Beyoncé.

That time she met the woman she’s named after like it was NBD.

That time she had to say goodbye to her touring mom, and we needed a tissue.

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