Hannah Simone Goes Full Cat Lady with Interactive Kitty Sweater

New Girl's Hannah Simone never has to worry about being apart from her cats again

Photo: Hannah Simone/Instagram

You’ve seen your grandma’s collection of cat sweaters, but we’re sure she doesn’t have anything like this.

To celebrate April Fool’s, Meow Mix sent proud cat lady and New Girl star Hannah Simone one special gift for her and her kitties.

One of the woes of being a cat owner is feeling like your feline sweeties are ambivalent to your existence. This sweater solves that problem. Built big and cozy like a normal sweater, what sets this piece apart is the attached yarn ball. With this adornment, your cat won’t be able to get enough quality play time with their favorite person.

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Simone’s cats certainly seems to be fans. While this hand-knitted cat attraction device is unfortunately not for sale, you can use it for inspiration to create your own sweater at home.

Remember, there is no such thing as loving your cat too much.

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