His owner, Amberly Dzimira, says she bought Chip at Petco and the bed at PetSmart

By Saryn Chorney
January 31, 2018 03:25 PM
Amberly Dzimira

While many people were busy tweeting up a storm about the State of the Union address on Tuesday night, others were captivated by a different, less controversial figure.

His name is Chip and he’s making Twitter great again with these adorable photos his owner, Amberly Dzimira, posted on Jan. 29 that were trending at the same time as the President’s speech.

“I bought my hamster a lil bed and now we do everything together,” Dzimira wrote along with the photos. The post has been retweeted more than 119,00 times and has 403,000 likes as of this publication.

Dzimira sent even more cute photos of her pet to PEOPLE. His name is Chip and he’s a Teddy Bear hamster, also known as a long-haired, fancy or Angora hamster (and a close cousin of the Golden Syrian breed).

Dzimira says she bought Chip at Petco and got him the bed, which resembles a teeny-tiny dog or cat bed, at PetSmart.

Amberly Dzimira

Aside from lounging in the bed, Chip appears to enjoy snuggling, snacking on carrots, looking in the mirror and watching The Secret Life of Pets.

According to Dzimira, Chip is also “chill asf.” Obviously! Just look at this cool little dude.

Amberly Dzimira

“15 hours ago this guy is trending and I’m speechless (glad everyone loves him as much as I do),” Dzimira tweeted.

Look, if guinea pigs can wear Halloween costumes, we see nothing strange about hamsters having tiny beds. In fact, Amazon has a slew of cute hamster sleeping supplies. A few of our favorites include:

Take a cue from Chip: Ditch the dingy cage and wood shavings, and live the hamster haute life instead!