Halloween Fun!

Cats and dogs celebrate Halloween in style–as superheroes, pirates and scary creatures–in shots sent in by People.com readers.

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Cammie Maw of Ogden, Utah, writes: “My husband loves football, and hates the dog. I was trying to get him to like my dog!”

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Michelle Dieffenbacher of Riverview, Fla., writes: “This picture was taken of my 1-year-old tuxedo cat, Luna. Don’t let her pint-size stature fool you! She can take on her 14-lb. tabby cat brother any day – and has even been known to throw some hexes his way!”

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Jennifer Maisch of Northbrook, Ill., writes: “My dynamic duo.”

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With this ring, I thee wed… Mom Alicia Smith tagged along for Marley and Amos’s big day, but “they stole the show, that is for sure.”

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Denise Van Wyhe of Santa Rosa, Calif., writes: “I made this outfit for my dog Lola. She looks exactly like Stellaluna, the bat, and this is the only position she is calm in.”

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Rachel Owens of Chandler, Ariz., writes: “This is my little schnoodle, Thumper ‘Woods.’”

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Alicia Wiechert of Champaign, Ill., writes: “Our white shepherd, Sophie, did not mind her Superman costume, but despised her goggles! Although she looks tough, she is scared of everything!”

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Penny Szumaski of Hoboken, N.J., writes: “Our cat, Cosmo, loves to get dressed up on Halloween. This year, he is a rabbi!”

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Jamie Kai of Alpharetta, Ga., writes: “Meet Jamos, my 4-year-old Pomeranian. He hates it whenever I put any clothing on him and just freezes. Doesn’t stop him from being the cutest prisoner, though!”

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Kirsten Wagoner of Rochester, N.Y., writes: “Here is our kitty, Misu. She is quite the little princess, so I figured Tinkerbell was [the perfect] Halloween costume this year.”

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Brandy Lee of Nashville writes: “Captain Jack dressed up as a pirate for obvious reasons: He already has a built-in eyepatch! Arrrrrr!”

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Brooke Hernandez of South Lake Tahoe, Calif., writes: This is Happy. She won the costume contest here in South Lake Tahoe last year as ‘Spaghetti and Meatballs.’ I made the costume the morning of the contest.”

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Jessica Black of Riverside, Calif., writes: “The lovely Luna was not very happy to be dressed up as a pumpkin last Halloween! (Note: no kittens were harmed in the making of this photo!)”

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