25 Halloween Costumes for Cats that Will Make Your Feline Look Scary Cute

Festive felines who don't mind modeling clothes will adore these spooky and sweet Halloween costumes for cats

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cat halloween costumes
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Happy Halloween

cat halloween costumes

The countdown to October 31 has begun. It's time to start ticking things off the Halloween to-do list, including getting a costume for your cat. Read on for 25 excellent outfit options for the festive felines in your life.

Buy it! Flamingo Cat Costume, $14.99; Chewy.com

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Tiger Lily

cat halloween costumes

Halloween is when all the tabbies are in bloom.

Buy it! Flower Power Cat Headpiece, $9.99; Petco.com

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Holiday Double Down

cat halloween costumes

Everyone starts decorating for Christmas earlier every year!

Buy it! Christmas Costume Cloak, $13.99; Amazon.com

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Muscles and Meows

cat halloween costumes

Looking for a bit of fun? Get this costume for cats who love to play together and watch the wrestling match ensue.

Buy it! Wrestler Frontal Cat Costume, $10.00; Target.com

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cat halloween costumes

The wizard cats are working hard on spells to keep their food bowls full forever.

Buy it! Wizard Cat Costume, $14.99; Chewy.com

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Slow Your Roll

cat halloween costumes

Some might say a cat's pace is slower than a snail's pace.

Buy it! Snail Cat Costume, $14.99; Chewy.com

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Cat Cafe

cat halloween costumes

This barista only serves glasses of milk.

Buy it! Meowbucks Apron, $14.00; Etsy.com

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Put a Cat on It

cat halloween costumes

There are no rules that say you can't dress as yourself for Halloween.

Buy it! Funny Frightened Cat Pet Costume, $13.13; Walmart.com

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Witch's Sidekick

cat halloween costumes

The feline familiars of witches and warlocks deserve their own headgear.

Buy it! Halloween Witch's Hat Cat, $9.99; PetSmart.com

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Flippers and Fur

cat halloween costumes

Help your cat come out of their shell by putting them in one.

Buy it! Sea Turtle Cat Costume, $14.99; Chewy.com

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A Little Pinch

cat halloween costumes

If you have a cat who likes to pose — but doesn't love getting picked up — this is the costume for them.

Buy it! Halloween Scorpion Cat Costume, $19.99; PetSmart.com

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Pirates with Paws

cat halloween costumes

Sometimes less is more when it comes to the best Halloween costume for your cat.

Buy it! Pirate Hat Cat Costume, $5.00; Target.com

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Let Them Eat Kibble

cat halloween costumes

Pick up this Halloween costume if your cat already thinks they're royalty.

Buy it! Mean Queen Cat Costume, $14.99; Petco.com

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It's Happening!

cat halloween costumes

It's time to cash in on all those times people told you, "When pigs fly!"

Buy it! Flying Pig Cat Costume, $13.00; Target.com

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Finned Feline

cat halloween costumes

Even cats dream of being mermaids.

Buy it! Halloween Mermaid Cat Costume, $19.99; PetSmart.com

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Snuggly Shellfish

cat halloween costumes

It's hard not to fall in love with this cuddly lobster.

Buy it! Halloween Lobster Cat Costume, $19.99; PetSmart.com

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Little Loki

cat halloween costumes

Mini Marvel fans can cosplay as their favorite trickster.

Buy it! Cat Viking Hat, $19.00; Etsy.com

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Your Highness

cat halloween costumes

The one risk with this Halloween costume is that your cat might start thinking of it as their uniform.

Buy it! King Cat Costume, $14.99; Petco.com

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Nine Lives of Wisdom

cat halloween costumes

Always respect your feline elders.

Buy it! Walking Granny Cat Costume, $15.99; Chewy.com

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Life Finds a Way

cat halloween costumes

This headpiece is for the wild and feisty felines who make life feel a bit like Jurrasic Park.

Buy it! Halloween Dinosaur Headpiece Cat, $9.99; PetSmart.com

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A Little Something Sweet

cat halloween costumes

This costume is so perfect it even has a cherry on top.

Buy it! Cupcake Halloween Cat Costume, $12.99; Target.com

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Big Bird

cat halloween costumes

Don't expect any eggs from these chickens.

Buy it! Chicken Frontal Cat Costume, $10.00; Target.com

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Food on My Mind

cat halloween costumes

Be the snack you want to see in the world.

Buy it! Croissant Hat for Cats, $22.26; Etsy.com

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When Cats Can Fly

cat halloween costumes

Cats are just one letter away from becoming bats.

Buy it! Bratty Batty Cat Costume, $9.99; Petco.com

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Strawberry Felines Forever

cat halloween costumes

Now ginger cats can really embrace being redheads.

Buy it! Berry Cute Cat Headpiece, $9.99; Petco.com

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