Hairy Hamsters Make for International Super Models!

A Polish photographer accessorizes the rodents with food and toys. Kla

Klara Salamonska wouldn’t mind if the world were just a little bit smaller. That way, finding the props for her elaborate hamster photo shoots would be a cinch! “I wish there were more tiny toys and hamster-sized objects available,” says the Warsaw, Poland, photographer, whose shoots with her hairy hamsters are inspired by cute accessories like tiny instruments, wee cameras and mini Easter baskets.

The 27-year-old rodent lover, who spoke with REX USA about her hobby, poses her furry friends in thematic settings, like at a pint-sized picnic or inside an Easter egg. See our gallery of her photos here.

But do her models enjoy all the flashbulbs? “I was lucky [hamsters] Chmurka and Szarothka enjoyed sitting in the eggs,” she says. “I love my hamsters and they are very happy to pose as I give them treats whether they behave well or not.”

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