SO, KETCHUP. WE MEET AGAIN.–Submitted by Jackie Tirey (quietmuse)

By People Staff
June 12, 2009 05:30 PM

SO, KETCHUP. WE MEET AGAIN.Submitted by Jackie Tirey (quietmuse)

We had so many funny entries to this week’s caption contest of puppy Jake hiding in the refrigerator that it was hard to pick a winner. (See them all here.) But we all loved this one from Jackie Tirey (quietmuse), who just joined PEOPLE Pets a few days ago–welcome Jackie! Rachel Attar (RachelA) of Reheboth, Mass., posted this adorable picture of her yorkiepoo puppy chilling out in the fridge, just after she took a week of “maternity leave” to train him. “He would do anything for us to be able to sit in the fridge, for really NO reason,” she says. “He wouldn’t lick or do anything; he would just sit there and look around and at us–almost to the point that he knew it made us happy.”

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