November 16, 2017 01:41 PM

You know what a fox is — the sly, sneaky and stunning creature that is often spotted slinking around in the snow or through the trees of the forest.

But did you know there a 22 different fox species, 12 of which are know as “true foxes”? Well, Twitter user @ColinJCarlson is here to help you out.

On Nov. 12, for seemingly no reason, Colin started rating different kinds of foxes with letter grades.

The innocent exploration into the world of the fox and its many iterations quickly caught the attention of the Internet, which has already shown its appreciation for a good animal ranking.

About 16 fox rankings later, Colin now has thousands of new followers and even more retweets, proving that if you take a fun, oddball approach to something furry, there is an audience out there to support you.

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Sadly, the number of foxes on this Earth is limited, so it’s unclear where this amateur ranker will go once he has exhausted all of these animals. Wherever the world leads him now, we thank @ColinJCarlson for renewing our love for foxes and pointing out Ruppell’s Fox resemblance to spaghetti.


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