The 5 lb. animal’s reunion with his mother was a “true miracle,” says fair organizer

By Amy Jamieson
Updated November 06, 2015 07:44 PM

Where did GusGus go? Nobody knows, but they sure are happy he’s back.

The 3-year-old pygmy goat was stolen from his pen at the Arizona State Fair’s petting zoo this week and was happily reunited with his mother on Thursday, reports

Fair organizers believe the 5 lb. animal was smuggled out of the fair around 5 p.m. on Wednesday, after someone snatched him from his waist-high pen. It was a kid-napping that made national news.

“I’m confident someone reached over the pen, grabbed GusGus, put him in their jacket and walked out,” said fair livestock director Karen Searle. “We’ve had witnesses come forward who saw him get taken. Unfortunately, they didn’t let us know when it happened.”

While authorities were notified about the missing goat, the baby’s mother, a goat named Custard, was heartbroken and crying for her kid, the report said.

A break in the case came on Thursday, when a man walking his dog spotted the goat roaming by a canal in Phoenix. He took it to a PetSmart where fair representatives were called, and GusGus was later identified.

Searle said the mother-son reunion was a tear-jerker. “As we walked GusGus up, his mother started going crazy, he started going crazy, just baaing,” she said. “I couldn’t not shed a tear. It was very moving and touching. It is a true miracle.”

While their are no suspects, Bart Graves from Arizona’s Department of Safety thinks he’s knows what happened. “Whoever took it probably saw the media coverage and let the goat go free,” he said.