Canine with 13-Inch Ears Breaks the Guinness World Record for Longest Ears on a Dog

Lou, a three-year-old American canine, and her record-breaking ears are featured in the new Guinness World Records 2022 book

dog with longest ears
Photo: Guinness World Records

Lou can't give you a hand, but she can certainly lend an ear.

Guinness World Records recently awarded the 3-year-old American dog with the record for "Longest Ears on a Dog (Living), according to a release from Guinness.

The hound's floppy ears hang real low, with each flap measuring around 13.38 inches in length. Lou ended up in the running for the record after her owner had some extra time to observe the dog.

Paige Olsen adopted Lou when the pooch was younger. She told Guinness it was love at first sight and that the dog's "extravagantly long" ears factored into the decision to bring the pet home.

dog with longest ears
Guinness World Records

While Lou's ears didn't go unnoticed, Olsen, a veterinary technician, didn't measure the appendages until the pandemic, when she had more time to marvel at her dog's unique trait. This interest led to Olsen submitting Lou for the Guinness World Record.

According to Olsen, Lou isn't bothered by her elongated ears, and they don't require special upkeep, aside from a monthly cleanliness check. Lou also sports a snood in winter to keep her ears warm and out of the snow.

dog with longest ears
Guinness World Records

Olsen told Guinness that she hopes Lou's win inspires animal lovers to "embrace [your pet's] uniqueness and love them always."

Lou is one of many new faces featured in the Guinness World Records 2022 book, which is available now.

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