Thai just wants some cool dog gear from his owner Danielle

By Kelli Bender
April 23, 2018 03:37 PM

Guide dogs are all very good boys and girls.

These highly-trained, intelligent, loyal canines devote their lives to giving visually-impaired individuals newfound freedom and incomparable companionship.

For all that effort they deserve a little gift every now and then. Guide dog Thai regularly takes his owner Danielle Sykora browsing for presents.

Danielle’s sister, Michele Sykora, recently captured a clip, which she posted on Twitter, of Thai sneakily guiding Danielle, 20, into a store at the mall known simply as Cool Dog Gear.

Along with the video, Michele also posted, “My sister’s guide dog always sneakily walks her into this store without her knowing. I love dogs, man.”

The Internet loves them too, particularly Thai. The video of cool canine Thai leading his owner to the store has over 6.6 million views and 146,000 retweets.

Online commenters finally seem to agree on something: Thai is a smart, deserving dog.

While he may make a pit stop here and there, Thai is loyal to his beloved owner. The pair have been together for about four years, Michele tells PEOPLE, and “they have the most awesome relationship. They are never separated and they do everything together.”

Credit: Courtesy Michele Sykora

It’s great that Thai is aware that he deserves the title of cool dog, but he is also a life changer.

“Before my sister got Thai there was a lot of things she didn’t feel comfortable doing and now that she has him by her side she pretty much can do anything she wants,” Michele adds. “If they walk by a cool place and Thai thinks Danielle would like it, he will stop in front of the store kind of as his way of saying ‘Look you might like it in here!’ ”

Aside from Cool Dog Gear, Thai also likes to swing by Starbucks, because he knows it is one of Danielle’s favorite places. At home the inseparable duo loves to play fetch and hide-and-seek.

Credit: Courtesy Michele Sykora

If you would like to help visually-impaired people find the perfect pooch, there are numerous ways to help. Non-profits that provide trained guide dogs free of charge could always benefit from a donation and these groups often depend on volunteer puppy raisers to help socialize their canines before they begin formal training. Learn more about this amazing opportunity, which involves adorable puppies, here.